Search now called off for missing Hanford senior in Yakima River (KNDU-TV)

Saying they've done all they can, Columbia Basin Dive Rescue officials and others say now nature must run it's course in the case of a missing Hanford High senior.

18-year-old Dmitri Kennedy-Woody was one of four teens who jumped off the Yakima River Railroad bridge next to SR-240 by Richland Monday.

Woody was the one teen who did not resurface after jumping off the bridge. Columbia Basin Dive Rescue and other officials were called, and searched until the early evening hours.  After hours more of searching the delta area and surrounding waters, officials now say nature will run it's course.

Depending upon currents, underwater debris and other factors they will wait to see if a body turns up either in the Yakima, on shore or perhaps in the Columbia River. KNDU-TV says a Hanford coach confirmed Woody was one of the four teens who went into the water.