The Othello Police Department as well as the Grant County Sheriff have issued a bulletin about a missing teen.

14-year-old girl last seen fall 2021

Alondra Mata-Nunez has been missing from the Ephrata area since last September. According to Police, she was last seen on September 27th 2021.

Her family says they have not heard from her since, and it is believed she is in the Mattawa or Othello area. Her family also told authorities they believe an adult male is harboring her.

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The use of the word "harboring" is interesting because it's usually associated with a person hiding a fugitive from law enforcement.  In this case, it appears the family believes the adult male is possibly 'hiding' her from relatives.

Anyone who may have information is urged to call Detective Martinez of the Othello PD at 509-488-3314.

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