Deputy convinces runaway boy to come home (FCSO)
Deputy convinces runaway boy to come home (FCSO)

Late Monday night, a Franklin County Deputy was able to convince a runaway missing teen to return to his home.

  Deputy turns 'big brother' to help the teen

The Franklin County Sheriff's Department reports that around 11 PM they got word of a teen who was looking for a place to stay in Basin City. After a short search, deputies located a person matching that description. But the teen, apparently thinking he was in trouble, fled on foot.

Deputies could not follow him because of new laws that require pursuit or following only if they have probable cause of a criminal suspect.

But as luck would have it, a short time later, Deputy Rodriguez located him about half a mile away.  According to the FCSO, the teen was tired and decided not to run. Deputy Rodriguez sat down on the sidewalk with the boy and began to talk with him.

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He was able to calm him down, hear his side of his story (why he had left his home), and then convince the youth to let him give him a ride home. He was reunited with his family, he'd ended up several miles from his home.


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