Bleeding man at courthouse (FCSO)
Bleeding man at courthouse (FCSO)

The search continues for the mysterious man seen vomiting blood at the door of the Franklin County Courthouse security building.

A man staggers up to the door, vomits blood

Franklin County Sheriff Jim Raymond says the search continues to information about two mysterious persons who were seen near the courthouse early Friday morning, May 19th.

Sheriff Raymond had noticed later that day that police were taping off several areas where blood had been found on the courthouse steps, and a trail leading away.

Sheriff Raymond followed the trail, as did investigators but did not find anyone. According to The FCSO, and security camera footage, around 4 AM that day, two men were seen in the area of 4th and Sylvester Street, both having difficulty walking. One man, was described as shirtless, the other fully clothed.

The clothed man staggered up to the doors of the courthouse security building and was seen on video tugging at the doors. He then leaned his head against the door, and according to investigators, began to vomit blood.  He then proceeded to urinate in the pool of blood before leaving. He is believed to be the person who left the blood on the courthouse steps.

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Officials continue to search, fearing the person has a significant medical or other issue.  In the still image captured from the video, you can make out the bright red pool of blood left by the man at the scene. No word about the whereabouts of the other individual.



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