Despite their failed efforts during the 2012 fall legislative session, we told you you had not heard the last from the Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility.

The group, founded by venture capitalist Nick Hanauer,  tried to pressure lawmakers in Olympia to pass several controversial gun-control measures, but failed when details of the unconstitutional plans were made public.    They were among those pressuring legislators during closed-door meetings to pass legislation requiring annual home inspection checks by county sheriffs to make sure gun owners were safely storing their weapons.

You may recall Newstalk 870 spoke with the sheriffs of Benton and Franklin County, and they questioned the validity of the proposals made in Olympia, including their constitutionality.

Now, the group has announced they have filed a new initiative that would extend backround checks and make them mandatory for private gun sales.   WAGR officials claim the public is ready to push ahead with the idea.   Apparently they were not paying attention to the firestorm of protest that exploded towards Olympia when news came out about the gun legislation was made public.

Even a Seattle-based ACLU lawyer said most of the gun control proposals the legislature considered would not stand up in court.   Nonetheless, WAGR is seeking to gather the 246,000 signatures required to place the measure on the November ballot.

This new initiative would require law enforcement officers or people with concealed weapons permits to still be subject to backround checks for private gun sales!

While WAGR officials claim there would still be some exceptions in the measure for transactions between family members, temporary use of a borrowed gun, and the purchase of antique or relic weapons, critics say it's just another attempt to handcuff citizens and restrict their 2nd Amendment rights.

The NRA Tuesday had no immediate comment on the initiative.

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