According to sources, the attorney representing a man suing the Mayor of Seattle for sex abuse allegations says Ed Murray is not telling the truth.

KXLY-TV in Spokane reports Lincoln Beauregard said this week the Mayor's representatives have never asked for this clients identity. He also says if the Mayor is being truthful he shouldn't have any idea who the man is who filed the lawsuit.

Murray said that the man who filed it, listed only as "D.H." in court papers, is a "troubled" individual.

The suit, filed last Thursday, claims the man suffered sexual abuse at the hands of Murray in the 1980's. The suit claims the man, who was a troubled teen, met Murray when the Mayor worked at a center for dropout and delinquent teens, and sex acts were traded for money to reportedly support the man's drug habit.

The man has admitted he is now under going mental health treatment following the death of his father, and was taking part in recovery programs for substance addiction. Attorney Beauregard says if Murray didn't know the man, how could he label him as troubled, given his admission of issues in his life?

Murray says he has no intention of withdrawing from this fall's election. He is seeking to return for another term as Mayor of Seattle. Murray worked for years in the legislature and helped push through the same-sex marriage law. As Mayor of Seattle, he was the spearhead for the $15 minimum wage effort that has spread to several other communities.  Two other men have come forward in the past with similar allegations from that time period, but no charges were ever generated. The two men brought them up again about ten years ago, but again, no action taken.

These two men have gone public, and offered to testify in court if necessary after learning about this lawsuit.


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