The Department of Justice has just placed Seattle and Portland on a list of what are called "anarchist jurisdictions," meaning they could be targeted for Federal defunding.

The DOJ said, via AG William Barr:

"When state and local leaders impede their own law enforcement officers and agencies from doing their jobs, it endangers innocent citizens who deserve to be protected, including those who are trying to peacefully assemble and protest,  We cannot allow federal tax dollars to be wasted when the safety of the citizenry hangs in the balance.”

In early September President Trump ordered DOJ to evaluate a variety of cities that have experienced massive violent protests, fires, destruction etc. to determine if they should have Federal funding re-directed away from them. Among the cities specifically listed were New York, Washington D.C. Seattle and Portland.

The report looked closely at what local and regional efforts were made to curb and prevent the violence, and how hard leaders worked to protect citizens. It also examined the level of police defunding by local governments.

Specifically mentioned in the report, according to, was the CHOP incident. The DOJ described it as local leaders “endorsing lawlessness and taking of property.”

Local Seattle leaders, including some state and House Reps from the area, pushed back when Trump began to threaten defunding. However, according to sources spoken to by, the President does have leeway and some say in where funding is allocated to. It appears the Feds are ready to take it away due to lack of preventative action in the two cities.

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