It's been a growing problem in Seattle for a number of years, but now the issue is getting downright scary, in the opinion of many. This image was shared on a new Seattle Facebook page April 7th.

Ever since former Mayor Ed Murray opened the floodgates and publicly stated (numerous times) that Seattle welcomed homeless individuals, the city streets have exploded with camps, tents and other 'structures.' The city has been battling the issue for nearly five years, including several task forces trying to deal with the problem.

In 2017, it was officially known there were at least 3,500 homeless in the general downtown area sleeping on the streets, but many say that number is thousands higher and still growing.

Now, according to Fox News, the homeless are almost becoming defiant in their approach to housing and where they set up. The city's shelters are overwhelmed, but critics say little is being done to effectively deal with the issue.

Now, a group of homeless people have built what's called the Homeless Mansion, about a half block from the Space Needle.  City officials have inspected the site, but there are no immediate plans to take it down unless it comes an issue, crime, health or otherwise.  The structure stands among several million dollar high rise condos. They say it's their form of protest, standing up.  In fact, the homeless population in Seattle has taken on a much more aggressive stance, and the city appears to be reluctant to confront this new attitude.

The situation in Seattle has grown so dire, a new Facebook page has popped up, "Seattle Looks Like S**t".  It has about 5300 likes and followers, and invites people to post their photos or videos of the growing squalor that's rapidly invading the Emerald City.

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