Kennewick police are investigating two different scams uncovered in the area.

Police received a report February 15th from a homeowner indicating two men showed up at their home, claiming they worked for ADT Security.  The men said they were there to update the security system because  some burglaries had allegedly been reported in the area, and the alarms didn't work because phone lines were cut.  Kennewick police said no such crimes have been recently reported.  The men were not wearing any official uniforms and did not display  ADT badges.

The homeowner didn't let them men inside, and a call to ADT Security has yet to verify the men's identity.   Police caution people who have security warning signs posted in their yards to be on the lookout for such suspicious individuals.    Any type of security system installer has to be licensed and registered with the City of Kennewick, many other cities have similar requirements.

Police are also investigating a Craigslist employment scam involving a company called Steel Contractors of America. Two men, one from Benton City and one from Burbank, answered a Craigslist ad posted by a Ricky Silvers.   He said he was looking for workers for a new Tri-Cities project.  The men, following instructions, purchased Green Dot money cards for $181.15 to pay for OSHEA (work safety) training, and gave Silvers the numbers over the phone.

When they showed up at 815 N. Kellogg Wednesday morning for training,  Worksource Employees said no such training was taking place, and they'd never heard of Silvers or Steel Contractors of America.   The ad has since disappeared from Craigslist, and Kennewick detectives traced Silver's phone number to Anaheim, CA. A call to the number resulted only in a voicemail for the alleged scammer.

Police say to report ANY suspicious activity, in person, or seen online, to law enforcement officials immediately.

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