West Richland Police and Fire crews were able to help a person avoid harm in an early morning fire in West Richland.

Fire occurred at an apartment just behind West Richland Library

Just minutes after midnight Friday morning, April 22nd, WRPD and fire responded to 531 S. 38th Street, and found this apartment unit engulfed in flames. The location is just behind the West Richland Library, and just southwest of The Brickhouse Pizza, just off Van Giesen.

West Richland officers are seen in one of the videos using breaching tools to enter the unit and help the person get out. Another video shows the fire crews battling the flames spewing from the building.

WRPD Breached the affected apartment in this video.


   The one affected citizen is OK

Officers said that it appears the cause of the fire was accidental, and the person is receiving some housing assistance from the Red Cross and other agencies. No other units were damaged, and the other renters were later able to return to their homes.

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This video shows fire crews battling the flames.

Thanks to quick work by fire and police crews, the damage did not spread to any other structures.


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