The City of Kennewick has an ambitious plan to renovate the Toyota Center, expand the Three Rivers Convention Center, AND add a 2,300 seat performing arts center. And that's only part of the project known as "The Link."

The Link is a $35 million dollar plan to build much needed convention space, a theater and renovate the aging Toyota Center, so the Tri-Cities can continue to be one of the leaders in visitor and convention and event business. It would also attract many more entertainment performances, especially musical and popular Broadway Shows.

Another view of proposed Link Project (The Link Tri-Cities)
Another view of proposed Link Project (The Link Tri-Cities)

The Three Rivers Convention Center got a much-needed boost with the construction of the adjoining hotel that's attached to it, but more convention space is needed. The economic impact on our area would be enormous.

The plan would place a $.2 cent sales tax (additional) on $10 dollars worth of purchase, so it you bought something locally for $100, you would pay $1.00 dollar more. The tax would sunset in 15-20 years once the bond is paid, unlike a similar proposal rejected by voters in 2013 that had no sunset.

We invite you to click here and find out more details about The Link, and feel free to ask them questions as well. They want your input!  Depending upon the plan, this could go before voters in August in Kennewick.

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