Kennewick Police released this video from late Sunday night.

According to accident investigators, this car was headed east on Fairway Drive, but did not slow down or turn at the intersection of South Oak Street.  This is on the backside, just south of, The Benton County Fairgrounds.

The car drove through a fence, hit a dirt pile on the edge of the canal ditch, flipped around 180 degrees, then ended finally up on it's side in the water. The driver apparently was uninjured enough to get out, but before fleeing left their shoes on the side of the ditch.

As you watch the video, you can see a deployed airbag through the front passenger window, so it  was a hard hit.

Police say they are now searching for the driver for questioning. They also referred to the shoes as "his" shoes in their report, seems to indicate they know or suspect they know who was driving.

The incident continues to be investigated. This video is of the tow company extracting the car from the canal.


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