I have Facebook friends and family spread all over the country, so when I see my cousin in Texas post a picture he took of the current gas prices in Austin, I feel ripped off!

OK, so the price of a barrel of crude, multiplied by the length of the pipeline, divided by the number of Circle K's. Isn't that how you come to $2.79 per gallon? No? Oh, then maybe it's this: Canada and Russia have announced their intention to scale back production. By the time that impacts supplies in the U.S. it will be summer time, and it will account for an abnormally-high spike in gas prices. And it's expected to start earlier than summer... like in May. Sometimes local spikes that are temporary have to do with local processing and distribution, but Russia and Canada are going to impact everyone. Plus, Trump changed policy on Iran, making it impossible for them to add oil to global consumption.

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