When it comes to fencing (selling) stolen property online, one would think criminals might be learning it's not such a good idea.

Kennewick Police have apprehended (apparently) a suspect in the theft and sale of an expensive and distinctive bike.

A citizen earlier this week notified KPD that they'd had their property stolen, then recognized it being sold on a social media sale site. After comparing photos the victim had of the bike with those in the ad, Officer Cristelli determined it was indeed the same one.

She teamed up with a member of the C.A.T. (Criminal Apprehension Team) and communicated with the person selling the bike. Via the conversations and the investigation they got a search warrant, went through the suspect's storage shed and found the bike. It was returned to the owner.

Althought some may not think it's worth it, Kennewick Police and other law enforcement agencies remind citizens if they have property stolen, and believe they've seen it online for sale, to reach out to them immediately.

The sooner they do, the better chance of recovering it. These type of investigations can move rapidly, and Police say a lot of items have been recovered, just like this bike.

The bike in this case was recovered, it's presumed (although Police didn't specify) that actions were pending or taken against the person who was in possession of the bike.

Just so you know, Law Enforcement officers do regularly look through for sale sites, looking for items that have been reported stolen (reports filed), and checking them out.


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