The Tri-City Americans are having a fantastic season and we'd like to join the celebration by getting as many people as possible to swing T-shirts with abandon. Get your family, friends and co-workers together to do the 'Cotton Eye Joe' dance and swing a shirt above your head. Please film it, post it to Youtube and send us the URL for a chance to win four tickets to Pink Ice Night (Breast Cancer Awareness) on Feb. 3 AND dinner for four at Bonefish Grill that evening.

We'd love it if you did the dance to the song, but it's not required. Nor is it required to do the dance somewhere special but we'd love to see people do it on the Blue Bridge, the grocery store, at school -- wherever.

Ladies, do not do the dance unless you have something else on besides a T-shirt.

Contest Ends 11:59 p.m. January 31.

If you've never uploaded a video to Youtube, follow these directions. It's easy to learn. Remember, we need to the URL to the posted video.

  1. Import photos to computer from camera or device.
  2. Go to
  3. If you do not already have an account, click “create account” and set one up.
  4. Next to the search bar it says, “Browse” “Movies” “Upload.” Click “Upload.”
  5. Click “Select files from your computer.”
  6. Double click the file of your video and be patient while it loads.
  7. When it finishes, Youtube will give you a URL for the video. Send us that URL!

If you don't know what the Cotton-Eye Joe Dance is, check it out here:



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