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As one person who commented on their information release said, "It's sad you have to explain this..."

 Grant County Sheriff's Department explains the proper way to report a crime or other suspicious activity

Apparently in the age of social media, we expect it to do everything for us?  It's become enough of an issue that one law enforcement agency reminds citizens of the proper way to report a crime (or other suspicious activity).

  They appreciate the input, but please do it right

This week, the GCSO posted this to the public:

"If you're the victim of a crime, or you see something while you're out and about -- or on social media -- which may be a crime, the crime is not reported until you call it in. Tagging us on a social media post is not reporting a crime.
To report an emergency, call 9-1-1. To make a non-emergency report, call 509-762-1160."
    That number is for Grant County, here in Mid-Columbia, aside from 9-1-1- it's (509)-628-0333---the Dispatch Center. 
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   In case you are not aware, by actually calling and reporting the proper way, LE can establish credible, official records of what's going on or what happened, and the sources of the information.  It's also a lot easier than chasing down what could be a dubious or fake social media post.
Don't be a dummy (Youtube still image-Grapple)
Don't be a dummy (Youtube still image-Grapple)

  And don't even think about TikTok,  the only crimes being committed there are the awful dancing videos by people who think they have talent;  or the hacking of your personal information by the folks across the ocean who use it to mine personal data (look it up)!
 Be smart and responsible. Report stuff the right way.

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