After getting a tip from a citizen who was suspicious about the suspect's activity, Benton County Sheriff's deputies arrested a woman on charges of mail theft and other issues.

According to KVEW-42 ABC TV, Lorinda Eagleson is facing mail theft, and possible other charges. Late last week, a citizen confronted her at a mailbox station on North Dallas Road, apparently she appeared to be trying to break into other people's boxes.

Benton County Sheriff's investigated, and later stopped her while she was on Kennedy Road. She claimed she had just been checking her own mail, but authorities found dozens of letters and other mail on the floor of her car.

A search of her home found mail belonging to at least 51 other people, as well as credit cards and drugs. Officials didn't elaborate about what the drugs were or if they and the credit cards were related to the mail theft.  Officials did not list a home address for Eagelson.

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