Apparently dumping, trespassing and shooting has become so prevalent in this area of Benton County, sheriff's deputies are going to start nailing people with fines and citations.

Benton County Sheriff's said Thursday property owners in the area of Ayers and Meals roads by the Columbia River have turned to them for help with increased dumping and trespassing.

Sheriff's deputies posted a few pictures of new items recently dumped in the area. It's south of Hover Park, and directly across the Columbia River from Wallula.  Property owners say garbage, car parts, hundreds of shell casings and other items have been dumped.

Officials say the area is popular for people to shoot, and 'wander' through, but increased patrols will now result in big fines if anyone seen even looking like they're dumping garbage.  Word has it the property owners will also be on the lookout a lot more often as well.

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