Franklin Counnty Jail (Franklin county)
Franklin Counnty Jail (Franklin county)

A man wearing nothing but socks and shorts wandering on a Franklin County road is the latest in a series of incidents prompting Sheriff Jim Raymond to continue his call for a drug and mental treatment center.

   A man wandering on Glade Road North, daring Deputy to shoot him or run him over

 Raymond shared information from an incident on August 13th of this year, when Deputies were called to Glade Road North near Lamb Weston, about a man wandering in the road.

The man, in his 30's and wearing only socks and shorts, appeared to be under the influence of narcotics, according to the Deputy report.

The man became belligerent with the initial Deputy, daring her to shoot him or run him over with her patrol car. Finally, with assistance from Pasco Police, the very agitated and belligerent suspect was medically cleared at Lourdes and taken to jail. From his self-harming statements and other behaviors, it was clear he was not in any shape to be put in regular jail.

   Man's mental state made it obvious he needed psychiatric help

The report went on to say that due to bed shortages, and not enough mental health personnel available at that time, the man was eventually transported to Wenatchee by a Deputy where he could be properly cared for.

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It is a well-known fact the Tri-Cities does not at this time have a drug or alcohol detox-mental health center, and Raymond said the estimated costs of dealing with this individual incident could eventually top out at $60K considering all the different parties involved in having to take the man to Wenatchee.


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