You may remember years ago when the clothing industry had to redesign many of the fabrics used to make children's pajamas so they would not be flammable.

Now, Stars and Stripes is reporting the new working uniforms for Navy men and women will burn to a melted mess in a matter of seconds if exposed to flame!

The publication reported this week:

Navy working uniforms are extremely flammable and will melt in a fire, putting sailors at risk... The nylon-and-cotton (referred to as NYCO) uniforms worn by sailors on ships and at bases “will burn robustly,” and turn into a “sticky molten material.”

The Navy Clothing and Textile Research Facility reported the issue with the uniforms in a recent test that involved subjecting the uniform to a flame for 12 seconds.

Army and Marine uniforms, while obviously sustaining some damage, held up far better than the Navy clothing.

These working uniforms are the standard wear donned by sailors when they perform their daily duties on land or at sea. Sailors, especially while on ships, are far more likely to be exposed to fire than other armed services -- hence the need for safe protective clothing.

Unbelievably, no changes are planned for these uniforms. The Navy removed its requirement that all uniforms be flame-resistant in 1996!