A 49-year-old man was arrested by authorities after allegedly impersonating a Red Cross relief worker in an attempt to burglarize evacuated homes on Staten Island. Alfonso Manzo was seen by witnesses peering into windows of empty homes that had been evacuated Friday night, and reportedly seen trying to open doors and windows.

He was wearing a red and white Red Cross jacket, giving people the impression he was with the relief effort. When confronted by police, he did not have the proper credentials from the relief agency, and was booked on several charges involving impersonation, and criminal possession of a controlled substance because he reportedly had methadone tablets in his pocket.

Some officials believe he was casing homes for potential burglaries, possibly looking for prescription medications. Manzo has a previous criminal history dating back to 1986. Earlier this year he was charged with stealing a car from a Tottenville, NY, repair shop and driving it to a casino in Atlantic City.

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