Panic often sets in when people are doing stupid criminal stuff. The fight or flight reflex is used in all the WRONG ways. That was the case Sunday at Winco Foods in Kennewick on Clearwater.

Police now say a 24-year-old woman is facing felony assault, hit-and-run, and failure to render assistance charges after she used her car to try and get away while shoplifting.

Kennewick police said Keseelee P. Mobray allegedly took over $100 worth of items and left the store without paying, likely going through the self-checkout lines which are right in front of the exit.

As store employees confronted her in the parking lot, she was able to get in her car. In her efforts to flee, she drove her car into one of the workers, knocking them down, and she hit a parked car in the process. After speeding away, she was quickly located by police and arrested.

The stolen goods were returned in good shape to Winco.  Although a shoplifting charge is bad enough, she made it far worse with all the extra 'activity.' Fortunately, the Winco worker suffered a sore shoulder from hitting the pavement.

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