Original theft location (Google street view)
Original theft location (Google street view)

A Richland man is facing a slew of charges after Police linked him to multiple crimes, following a 'simple' shoplifting.

 Man began by dine-and dash at a Circle K

Around 4 AM Tuesday, February 28 Richland Officers responded to the Circle K at GW Way and Symons and confronted Clemente Herrera (age not listed) about allegedly making off with unpaid food.

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He was cited for theft, and released, which is a common occuranced with smaller offenses. Then later in the day a woman posted surveillance video online and alerted Police about her car being prowled. Officers recognized the suspect as being Herrera.

After examining some other car prowl footage, officers learned he's the suspect in several other incidents. But he didn't stop there.

  Suspect arrested at Richland Library after causing disturbance.

According to the RPD:

"Not long after the crimes were linked, RPD Officers were called to the Richland Library for a trespass in progress. The suspect, Herrera, was arrested for Trespass 1st and Resisting Arrest. A search of Herrera incident to arrest yielded several debit cards that did not belong to him. He was booked into Jail.
Later in the evening RPD took an additional vehicle prowl report in which some Air Pods were stolen. Herrera had been in possession of the Air Pods at the time of his arrest so he was charged with an additional count of theft."
 And, several other additional crimes are believed to have been committed by him. He is currently in the Benton County jail on this plethora of charges.

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