Washington legislators are looking over a bill that would not only require all school buses to have seat belts by 2018, but ALSO put automated traffic cameras on board to bust drivers who 'blow by' buses.

It is often referred to as 'blow by' by many drivers and officials, it refers to motorists who speed around buses that are stopping or have stopped, but have yet to switch on the red caution lights. It also is a general catch-all term for drivers who commit any unsafe action near a stopped bus or bus stop.

Representative Gina McCabe's bill (HB1246) is currently before the House Education Committee. Not only would it require seat belts (and shoulder straps) on all buses by 2018, but it would also outfit buses with a forward and rear-facing automate camera. It would either start recording when the bus stops and turns on red light, or could be triggered by movement of cars around or by it when children are getting on or off.

This footage would be used for citing the driver for an infraction. The bill says it would only be used in the event that an existing traffic law is broken concerning school bus safety.

Much like the safety belt provision, cost to the school district is a concern, although some officials say it could be cheaper to outfit the cameras than put belts on every seat in every bus.

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