I was scrolling the Tri-Cities Reddit section and one of the topics that came up was other running trails beside Badger Mountain. 

One poster said that she was tired of running Badger Mountain and was asking about other trails that would be challenging. It got me thinking that we must have some other trails worth checking out in the Tri-Cities area.

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My wife and I've done a few of these trails and they're a blast. We still have to do Rattlesnake and Mcbee but the others on the list are all worth checking out.

Sick Of Badger? Try Out These Other Five Tri-Cities Running Trails

If you want another challenge besides Badger Mountain, try out these other five running trails that'll be worth the effort!

Did we miss a trail? Is there a trail that you love that's challenging and worth trying out? Let us know about it on our app chat feature and we'll share your suggestions in a future article.

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