The Special Investigation Unit will continue the investigation into last week's chase and gunfire in Kennewick.

   The city of Pasco Police release new information in case

Pasco Police will be a part of the SIU investigation, Kennewick and Benton County will not be involved because they were a part of the incident.

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You may recall last Monday, August 22nd, Kennewick Officers were called to the Circle K on Columbia Center Boulevard and Deschutes in regards to a man slumped over in his vehicle. According to information released by Jeff Harpster of the PPD, the man, who was identified as James West, became argumentative as officers roused him and asked him to exit his vehicle. West fled the scene and began running North on CC Boulevard, with KPD and BCSO Deputies in pursuit, according to the SIU report:

"Sgt. Melone with the Kennewick Police Department began to chase along with the other officers and deployed his Electronic Control Device (ECD). This attempt failed to affect Mr. West. As the foot chase continued, officers became aware that Mr. West was running with a gun in his hand. Officers then heard Mr. West discharge the gun. The chase led to the parking lot of Village at Grandridge. During this time, Deputy Benitez discharged his sidearm in the direction of Mr. West. Mr. West was not injured during the incident and was taken into custody. Mr. West was transported to Trios Hospital where he was medically cleared and then transported to the Benton County Corrections facility."

More information will be released as the SIU case continues. They were assigned to the case because it involved firearms discharge.

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