Sometimes you hear stories about teen drivers in accidents that make you wonder just how busy their lives are...maybe too busy?

Kennewick police Wednesday night responded to an accident near West 4th and Belfair Streets, where a teen driver apparently nodded off behind the wheel, and slammed into a tree!

Site of accident Wednesday night (Kennewick police)
Site of accident Wednesday night (Kennewick police)

Fortunately, the 17-year-old was not injured, but they were cited. We know kids are busier than ever these days, but to be so tired you fall asleep behind the wheel?

Maybe the need to slow things down a little? Just sayin'.  At in our experience, we've got five kids, and four of them have gone or are going through the teen experience. We see what being excessively busy and overtaxed can do, especially without enough rest.

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