Leave it to the Europeans and their zest for living to give us the 'faithful' mattress. Actually, it's called The Smarttress.

The London Daily Telegraph online reports this week European bed maker Durmet has come up with a mattress that is digitally programmed to detect if your partner is cheating on you. How does it work?

According to company officials, they were 'inspired' to create the product because of recent infidelity reports coming out of Spain. Ashley Madison, the online cheating website, reports nearly one million members are from that country, and men on average have 2.4 affairs in their life, women 1.3.

Europeans prefer by a wide margin, to have relations in their own bed, so Durmet has devised a mattress that can be programmed to detect movements that would be found during sexual activity. A company official said:

"You can't imagine the tests we've done to ensure this bed works correctly."

They call it the Lover Detection System. It records and transmits rhythmic movement data that is considered suspicious, and sends it to the smart phone that it's linked to. So, if a partner wants, they can program the bed to be 'active' during working hours or other times when they are regularly not there.

Company officials say due to testing, the bed can tell the difference between, say a dog jumping or playing on the mattress, or even a child, and the movements of people having sex. They swear by the accuracy of the bed. No word if it comes in adjustable or models that can be elevated.

It will set you back about 1200 pounds, English Dollars, which is about $1700 dollars U.S. If you think we're making this up, here's a link to the company website!