Kennewick police got the last piece of the puzzle in assisting Pendleton police nab a car theft suspect, and find the vehicle. Just about every year we get snow, there's a story how footprints lead to a suspect!

Sunday, Kennewick police learned a stolen 2002 Blue Isuzu Trooper was taken from Pendleton, and was suspected to be in the neighborhood of 13th and Olympia Streets, near the Riverview Cemetery.

Police began to search the area, and spotted the vehicle parked near some apartments. Their search for the suspect was made simple because of the new snowfall, and it hadn't been plowed yet.

They followed the only set of footprints leading from the vehicle, taking them right to the door of the one of the units. Inside they found 43-year-old Sean T. Wright. He was questioned about the theft, but police were able to arrest him because he had several outstanding warrants. Pendleton Police will be handling the auto theft case.

Sometimes Mother Nature gives police a big assist.  Maybe next time, the suspect should have brought a shovel.

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