The cynical individual will probably not even watch the press conference, judging from the tone we're seeing from citizens, social media posts, interaction with listeners, and more; most believe we are stuck with more weeks of lockdown.

Given the unpredictability of his recent actions, there's no real way of predicting whether Washington state will "re-open" and lose it's lockdown June 1st.  Inslee has been a curious mix of knee-jerk reactions and indifference.  He released hundreds of prisoners a day after the Monroe Correctional facility 'COVID' riot and he moved fast on precautions for Yakima Valley farmworkers (they did need it).  However, he remains stubbornly silent on the issue of the state economy and especially small businesses.

When pressed by reporters and critics (which doesn't happen often) he defiantly strikes back, citing his "data and science," but has, as a matter of public record, refused to squarely address with any depth, the serious economic cliff that's rapidly approaching. We've watched every one of his press conferences.

From Governor Inslee's release (verbatim):

"Gov. Jay Inslee will address media today via streaming video and telephone to give an update on the state's Stay Home, Stay Healthy order, which is set to expire on May 31. 

Friday, May 29
2:30 PM - Press conference on COVID-19 

The press conference will be livestreamed by TVW."

    Anything can happen, but in Vegas, they're not giving good odds to those who are optimistic.

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