The story is starting to ripple around the country, and has made BIG headlines in the baseball and softball world. A powerhouse girls junior, or middle school age, softball team was booted from the Little League World Series because of a social media post. They were competing in the softball version of the Little League World Series seen on ESPN every summer. There are divisions for grade, middle and high school ages for both baseball and softball.

July 30 through August 5, the Little League Junior softball World Series was being played in Kirkland, WA.  However, the heavily favored Atlee girls team from Mechanicsville, VA, will not be champs. After winning the Southeast region or pool with a 5-0 record, and winning first few games in series, a number of the girls posted this image on Snapchat.

Not only were a number of girls in the photo flying the middle finger, but the caption read, "watch out, host", referring to Kirkland (the host team) whom Atlee has just beaten in the Series. Apparently a 'threat' in case they wound up facing the host team again?

A Little League Spokesman said in a statement the team violated "Little League's policies regarding sportsmanlike conduct, inappropriate use of social media, and the high standard that Little League International holds for all it's participants."

Team officials say while inappropriate, it's hardly worth booting the entire team, especially since only 6-7 girls are in the photo. But others say all the teams know the standards and expectations going in, and such behavior violates the strict rules.

Atlee officials are demanding an investigation.  Critics say, why bother? It's obvious Atlee was directing a 'verb and a pronoun' at their opponent and the host team.  Stay classy, kids.

Kirkland was allowed to take Atlee's place in the championship, but lost 7-1. By the way, these girls hardly look like upper middle school players.  More like high school. Hmmm....

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