A lot of us in the states are fortunate enough to have friends, family members, and total strangers willing to leave their homes and put their lives on the line so that we can enjoy the luxuries of America. I can't even imagine having to endure some of the acts of war and I appreciate anyone who is or who has served in any branch of the US Armed Forces.

At a point, I would assume that soldiers could potentially become desensitized to the violent situations that they are involved in. Case in point - this video.

It's rare that you see footage, like the one above, showing soldiers fighting for the opposition. It is fascinating and oddly humorous to also see them laughing and joking with this fake-soldier-shovel prank, using it to tease a sniper who has them pinned down and is letting off shots. Even in the face of possible death they continue to joke and taunt the shooter, all laughing hysterically.

According to the comments on the video and from a post on Reddit, the footage was shot in Syria and the soldiers are suspected to be from Uzbekistan, as they are speaking Uzbek. According to one user:

The people in the video appear to be speaking in Uzbek language, Translation: Lower it down! He must have figured it out. The guy is stubborn. Lower it down! He must have figured it out it is a shovel. (guy fixes his thing) Oh shovel you betrayed me. Did he hit it? He is not a pro, must be a kid. I hope he is not going to use RPG (mocking the sniper with something like) You caan't shoot, you bald head.

Other than that, there isn't a lot of background info or detail. One thing is for sure, this camo and sneaker wearing soldier has some major guts to be toying with this not so sharp shooter. If you can translate more of what is being said or you have some further insight or thoughts, drop a comment below!

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