Walla Walla police have been alerted to a rather sophisticated shopping scam that making the rounds...again.

This time, the company is called "intellishop"  and their slug line is "it's all about the customer.

This check is for $1,850. The victim is instructed to wire back $1,500 of the money as soon as it's cashed or deposited in their account.  Sometimes banks don't put a hold on such larger checks, and by the time the consumer has deposited it, pulled out the cash and wired it back, they find out the check is a fraud and they're on the hook for the $1,500.

It's usually tied to a supposed Walmart 'secret shopper' program, where you make purchases without telling the cashier you're critiquing their performance.

Walla Walla officials say if it's too good to be true, it probably is. The best thing to do is take it to your financial institution and they can verify if it's real. Then notify the police and give them all the materials you received.

Don't Cash or Deposit it!

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