Of all the themes for a park, this one is rather different!

In a salute to modern plumbing, the city of Suwon, South Korea has built a theme park dedicated to the place where we read, think, and take care of business!

Located about an hour from Seoul, Suwon is also the home for Samsung Electronics and now boasts the world's only toilet theme park.

Mr. Sim, former Suwon mayor, was once president of the illustrious World Toilet Association.

Rumor has it he was born in his grandmother's outhouse! Because living standards in South Korea have skyrocketed in recent decades after the Korean War, and many are enjoying better homes, living conditions, and -- for some -- the luxury of plumbing, it seemed only logical to build the park. The modern, sanitary plumbing devices we have taken for granted for generations are almost treasured in countries that not that long ago that had significant problems with disease and other issues caused by poor sanitation.

One of the displays is a large sculpture of the famous Rodin (The Thinker) statue sitting on a toilet.

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