The flag which has flown over the 9-11 Memorial at Southridge in Kennewick over the last year will be retired this morning with a special ceremony.

At 6:30AM, the event will take place, according to the information release from Kennewick Police:

"...the Benton County Sheriff's Office and the Tri-Cities Professional Firefighters will be retiring the colors currently posted on the 9/11 memorial at Southridge Sports and Events Complex and posting new colors. The event will start at 6:30 am when they march in from the softball fields to the north. The fire honor guard will post colors at ground level and to the west of the memorial. The police honor guard will then retire and fold the old flag from the memorial and post the new flag. Both teams will then exit the memorial."


Although law enforcement would very much appreciate public attendance and paying respects, it has been asked for no advance publicity, as the Benton Franklin Health District doesn't not want crowds of people there because of COVID-19, and their restrictions on large gatherings regardless of significance.

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