A 21-year-old Kennewick driver, who's car was painted up like a reverse version of the cartoon character Speed Racer, apparently isn't the driver he thought he was.

Kennewick police say around 1:54am Wednesday, the unidentified man was headed North on Kellogg at about 80mph.  Things were going fine until he hit the roundabout at 4th street.

Officers indicated he didn't know the roundabout was there, lost control, and tore through the middle of the circle, plowing over the large granite blocks in the middle, which weigh hundreds of not over 1,000 lbs.

Destroyed car in roundabout Kennewick (Kennewick police)
Destroyed car in roundabout Kennewick (Kennewick police)

While alcohol was NOT a factor, he was not injured nor was his passenger, but his car was destroyed and had to be towed away on a rollback. Obviously, he received stiff citations for his negligent and dangerous driving.

We're betting his passenger was a lady, and he was trying to impress her. No mention of that, but it could be.  Just sayin'!

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