It's not a story that's making huge headlines, but Washington State Superintendent of Public Schools Chris Reykdal has issued a statement on the Capitol 'riots' that is starting to get attention, and not in a good way.

The day after the incident at the Capitol, Reykdal posted a message on the SPI website entitled "Our Children Are Watching."  It was a response about children seeing and dealing with the incidents in Washington D.C.

Most of it was rather benign, a bit on the partisan side (Reykdal is a staunch Democrat, and has never hid it although his position is supposed to be non partisan), until the third and fourth paragraphs, which read as follows:

"We have a responsibility to recognize how protestors in previous situations were treated so differently by law enforcement than the rioters yesterday. The privilege — the privilege based on race — that was on display yesterday was astounding.

Although we have made strides, we remain a nation founded on racism, classism, and inequality, and those prejudices are still embedded within our society and our institutions today."

   To read the entire statement for yourself, click on the button below.

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