The Sheriff of Spokane County had some sharp words about certain political leaders in our state.

He made an appearance on the Jason Rantz show on AM 770 KTTH Radio in Seattle a week ago, and used this phrase to describe elected and other leaders when it comes to agitators, protesters and anarchists:

“I don’t know if they’re so much sympathetic to it, but I think they’re afraid. I think they’re afraid to stand up and and say, ‘That’s it, we’re drawing the line. You’re not going to do this in our community."

He was referring to Spokane, in saying it won't happen in our community. He told Rantz that he is a firm believer in the laws passed by the citizens of this county (Spokane) and state, and law and order and the Constitution. He told Rantz he's made it clear that the actions we've seen in Seattle will not be tolerated in his jurisdiction.

He did say that many of these agitators (such as Antifa and other rioters) often get back out on the street because of bail bond projects (some of which have been reported even nationally). However, he said these activities shouldn't even be allowed to occur at all.

He said CHOP-CHAZ was a low point for the State in it's history, the fact that 9 blocks of the city were taken over by "petty tyrants."

The ongoing actions of the Seattle City Council, and even other elected officials in our state only seem to reinforce his beliefs.

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