You may remember nearly two years ago, the leader of the Spokane Chapter of the NAACP resigned after coming under heavy criticism over her racial identity.

Rachel Dolezal, who is white, resigned from her position after other civil rights leaders and some in the NAACP blasted her for claiming she was of African-American heritage.

She was raised in a white household with siblings.

Dolezal later admitted she was white, but identified as a black person after her family adopted four black children. To this day, according to a report published by KNDU-TV and other sources, she claims she did nothing wrong. She also resigned from a teaching position she'd held at Eastern Washington University.

Now, Dolezal is saying after the 2015 incident, she still cannot find work. She claims the only  jobs she's been offered are in reality TV or the adult film industry. She recently did an interview with The Guardian, a British newspaper, about her current financial and career plight.

Her family says her act was a fabricated lie, and she had sued for emancipation from them back in 2010.  Some critics are surprised the transgender movement has not come to her 'rescue,' they say it's curious how groups who support those who wish to change their sexual identity, or those who 'identify' as being of a different sex don't support someone who wants to identify with a different race.


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