Hard on the heels of the first ever national test of the EAS, or Emergency Alert  System, now they will coming to your cellphone (if you're a Sprint Customers) whether you want them...or not .

WEA's, or Wireless Emergency Alerts, is a program that allows the Federal Emergency Management Agency to transmit emergency messages or other important information to cell customers.  Information can also come from the National Weather Service,  or...the President.   Existing wireless customers and their current phones only receive such alerts if they have chosen to be a part of the PLAN, or Personalized Localized Alert Network.   However, future cellphones and plans will force customers to be able to receive them, whether they want them or not.  Some commentators and media experts, such as Alex Jones, are leery of the new plan:

"In other words, for the first time ever the feds will have a direct line to the millions of Americans who use cell phones and be able to use the messages to transmit whatever they like, whether that be genuine safety information, fearmongering about spurious terror alerts, or political propaganda."

  According to the L.A. Times, customers will have the ability to block all PLAN alerts, EXCEPT those issued by The President.    It is a moot point however as Jones stresses, because all the 'big' cellphone companies and players have already indicated they are going to go along with the plan.   The special chip needed for such alerts is already present in the latest smart phones.

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