Friday morning, a felon's aquatic skills were NOT on display when he tried running from Kennewick police. The canal he jumped into is circled in image.

Around 11:40am, police got a call from a woman at a residence in the 2000 block of West 24th. A man pulled up outside her home, and was sitting there, watching the house.

The woman told police the man had a warrant, she knew him, and did not want him there. When police tried to contact 32-year-old Sergio Diaz, he fled on foot.

The chase led officers to the irrigation canal on Vancouver, which is just North of the 27th. Ave roundabout. Diaz attempted to flee by jumping INTO the canal, but his swimming skills gave out, and police had to pull him from the water.

He was uncooperative, and upon investigation, turns out he's a wanted felon from the Department of Corrections, as well as some Franklin County warrants. His car was also impounded as evidence to to what police said were items in the car in plain view.

They didn't say what those items were.

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