Are you old enough to remember going to Disneyland where you would tear out pages from a booklet to burn on a ride? The deeper into the alphabet, the better the expected quality of the experience. E tickets were for like the Matterhorn and Space Mountain.

Today there are Fast Passes, Fast Pass reservations, single-day admission prices that rise and fall depending on expected demand, etc. And with the opening of the new Star Wars Galaxy's Edge, you can add colored wristbands to what's new giving you exactly four hours to get what you need to get done.

Disney Star Wars Galaxy Edge

Galaxy’s Edge will feature two main rides. The first, Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run, is a classic Disney attraction that allows guests to pilot a spaceship on a smuggling adventure. The second, Rise of the Resistance, will be multistage, with a ride and interactive walking parts that mimic a fight with the evil First Order from the recent film entries into the Star Wars canon.

The idea is to allow guests to discover the planet Batuu in the Star Wars universe, specifically a trading post called the Black Spire Outpost.

Galaxy’s Edge will include a store that allows guests to design their own lightsabers (up to $200 apiece though). And Disney will only allow children under 13 to wear costumes into the park, so the big kids (about as happy as Chewie when Luke went to put binders on him) may want to wait to purchase their full-length Jedi robes.

Disney Galaxy Edge

Disney is allowing guests four-hour visits to Galaxy’s Edge -- after which they’ll be asked to leave. Colored wristbands will identify who came when. If the rides or merchandise is not your thing, hang out and drink! For the first time alcohol will be allowed and provided in an authentic-looking cantina right out of the original 1977 film, with very kooky creatures and an original interstellar score for ambience provided by legendary, Oscar-winning composer John Williams.