Friday, Superintendent of Public Instruction Maia Espinoza's campaign released information about another ruling from the Washington State Supreme Court.

For a number of months, there's been a battle about what Espinoza put in her voter's pamphlet information. She included this phrase, referring to Reykdal pushing a controversial sexual education program for elementary students.

"The incumbent ignored parents and educators by championing a policy that teaches sexual positions to 4th graders!"

Senate Bill 5395 was passed during a late night session of the legislature in the spring, mandating a series of controversial sexual education curriculum for K-5.

Since late summer, Reykdal has been trying for force the removal of that statement. The State Supreme Court this week upheld it's ruling from weeks ago that allowed the phrase to be included in the voter pamphlets that were sent out for the November general election.

The court stated in part in it's 6-3 decision in Reykdal vs. Espinoza:

“Reykdal could not meet his burden to demonstrate that Espinoza’s statement is false."

In other words, the evidence presented by Espinoza was valid enough to override any arguments Reykdal made in the case.

Voters will now decide if the Senate Bill should be upheld, or overturned. Citizens presented a state record 260,000 plus signatures, more than twice needed, to get the issue on the ballot against the bill.




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