In order to pay for a massive 'transportation package,' WA State House Democrats are proposing a fuel tax that would affect Alaska, Oregon, and Idaho. And they're not happy.

House Democrats basically want these states to help pay for our infrastructure.

 Idaho, other legislators say the tax would violate the Federal Commerce Clause and the Constitutiion.

House Dems want a six-cent per gallon tax on all fuel that's refined in WA and goes to other states in the Pacific Northwest, namely Oregon, Alaska, and Idaho. Their rationale is the majority of refined fuel in our region is done here, and other states should help bear the "environmental" burden.

However, the other three states are not amused, and Alaska is ready to retaliate. An Alaska State Rep has prepared two retaliatory taxes on Washington fishing vessels that would match the six-cent fuel proposal. According to information reported by (KIRO Radio) such a plan would make our seafood prices skyrocket.

Idaho legislators are prepared to take any and all measures to see the tax doesn't go into effect.  Even Oregon Governor Kate Brown called it "unacceptable."

  This tax is a result of WA Democrats doing Inslee's environmental bidding.

Alaska House Rep Kevin McCabe says WA Dems should read the Constitution because such a plan would likely violate the Federal Commerce Clause. States are not supposed to engage in excessive taxation or other 'predatory' practices against each other.

However, it's no surprise this plan is being proposed in Olympia. For years, Democratic legislators have tried to push through legislation desired by Inslee. It starts with him, really. It's no secret his ego and self-anointed superiority have been on display.

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It was seen publicly (for example) in many of his comments about he handled the COVID pandemic, mocking other states' re-opening efforts, snottily saying "we" (WA) would only follow the science. His arrogance is now irritating our state neighbors because his desired policies are going to have a negative effect on other states, and they are prepared to push back.


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