Gov. Inslee, with help from House and Senate Democrats, got one of his pet projects passed this weekend.

Despite even some no votes from a few Democratic House and Senate members (mainly from lesser populated or agricultural districts) a low carbon fuel standard was passed. It passed along with Inslee's desired cap and trade program. Cap and trade requires businesses and industry to purchase pollution credits, so it's basically a pollution tax. It will be combined with a California-style low carbon fuel standard.

A low carbon fuel standard (LCFS) is what CA has had for nearly ten years. It emphasizes, or requires, increased use of 'cleaner' burning fuels. Most contain biofuel and other 'cleaner' elements. The LCFS seeks to reduce carbon emissions from traditional fossil fuels.

The only problem is, a LCFS will result in drastic jumps at the gas pump. Senator Doug Ericksen (R-Ferndale) said Saturday the most recent study of this legislation says it will raise the price of gallon by $2.41.  

This legislation will go into effect starting in 2023. It will involve a complicated method of businesses having to purchase these pollution credits; coupled with the low carbon fuel standard that will eventually result in that figure Senator Ericksen quoted. Gas and diesel will be expected to rise at least $2.41 per gallon.

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Virtually ever since he became Governor, Inslee has sought a low carbon fuel standard and cap and trade, however, Republican majorities in the Senate prevented his bills from making it past the state House. However, with their House majority still in place, and a slim margin in the Senate, Democrats were able to get it passed.

GOP leaders and critics say such policies are arm twisting business and citizens in an effort to force them to embrace such 'green tech' such as electric vehicles.

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