Move over Michael Bloomberg, here comes Washington state's "soda jerk."

Vancouver House Rep Monica Stonier has introduced a bill (HB2383) that would require restaurants to only list the following drink options for children on restaurant menus:

" Water, sparkling water, or flavored water, with no added natural or artificial sweeteners; unflavored milk; or a nondairy milk alternative that contains no more than 130 calories."

If a facility were to vary from that menu option, they would get fined. The bill states that soda is not allowed to be listed as an option. The bill also states:

 “The beverage listed or displayed on a restaurant menu or advertisement for a children’s meal must be one of the default beverages listed in subsection (1) of this section.”

It sounds as though this legislator is trying to have the government censor menus. It's presumed this would apply to sit down restaurants as well as fast food. It's surprising that this legislator comes from a military backround, and has two kids who attend public schools in Vancouver.

The legislative session began Monday in Olympia, and will last through beginning of March.

No word on how well this bill will do, but to find out more, click on the button below.


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