State releases more ESD funding. (Getty Images)
State releases more ESD funding. (Getty Images)

The Washington State Employement Security Department announced how the money released by Gov. Inslee on Sunday will be broken down.

No sooner had Gov. Inslee announced $54 million will be dispersed among some 100K people whose Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) was due to run out at the end of December (Federal money).

Gov. Inslee had released this statement Sunday, concerning President Trump's refusal to sign the bill (due to an shocking amount of pork and funding going overseas):

"Families and businesses will face devastating consequences if the president continues to block the bipartisan package. Hopefully he does the right thing and ultimately signs the bill. But, even if the legislation is signed in the days ahead, thousands of Washingtonians will lose at least a week of pandemic unemployment assistance — and that is unacceptable to me.”

ESD Director Suzy Levine said it would amount to $550 per applicant, and these are the criteria:

"This emergency payments of CARES Act funds totaling $54 million will be issued to all PUA claimants who: 

  • Submitted a PUA claim for the week ending Nov. 21, 2020, and 
  • Were paid for that week on or before Dec. 24. 

The payment will total $550 per claimant — equal to roughly two weeks of benefits for most PUA recipients."

For more information on the program and new funds, click on the button below.

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