Every state has a sort of, brand, whether it be Idaho potatoes or the cornhuskers in Nebraska, we all have our stereotype of what we are famous for. So when I think of food it comes pretty easy to guess what is popular in every state. According to Reddit, these are the most popular stereotypical meals that people in each state prefer and I was surprised only by a few.

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Naturally, Texas is brisket and Tennesee is barbeque ribs, I knew somehow, that both of those would have some sort of barbeque on the menu, and I was right. Montana is best known for its Bison burger (I am assuming that probably involves a barbeque grill also) and huckleberry pie. Utah is partial to funeral potatoes, boy am I glad I didn't grow up in Utah because it's not my favorite dish. Idaho favors a big fat Elk steak, topped with fresh-picked morel mushrooms, and I am sure potatoes are fit on that plate somewhere. Alaska is, of course, fish, specifically salmon candy (whatever that is), Louisianna is none other than shrimp gumbo and Maine is no surprise with lobster.

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But Florida goes straight for the pie! The most popular meal is listed as key lime pie, which makes sense, I guess. Las Vegas seems to have just thrown all their cards in the air and decided ALL OF IT, because the most popular meal is the buffet, which I can wholeheartedly agree with, all of it, always sounds good to me! Washington surprised me a bit... with cedar-planked, teriyaki salmon on the grill. I don't understand the cedar plank, I just don't imagine my food would be well cooked on a fence board, but it's not up to me. I just know I would rather have a double cheeseburger, so apparently, they skipped my survey slip!

It was very interesting to see what the people in each state enjoy so often, some of which I have never even tried. For the full list, you can visit reddit.

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