A stolen boat and a brush fire kept Benton County Deputies busy Monday afternoon.

 Homeowner mowing weeks sparks fire

Earlier this afternoon, Benton County Deputies as well as Benton County Fire District 1 responded to an area on Bryson Brown Road not far from SR 397 for a report of a fire.

Several acres were burned before the crews could bring the grass fire under control. According to KEPR-TV, fire officials say the homeowner was cutting down weeds when his mower struck some rocks, throwing off sparks that started the fire.

Several acres burned but no structures were damaged.

 Abandoned boat and trailer found on S. Finley Road

Abandoned stolen boat recovered (BCSO)
Abandoned stolen boat recovered (BCSO)

Then not long afterward, Deputies were called about a 'lonley' boat and trailer sitting on the side of the road on South Finley Road, not far from State Route 397. A check of the plates and VIN on the boat and trailer revealed it had been recently stolen out of Kennewick.

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No word of how it got there, but the owner has been notified and will get their boat and trailer back...a good ending for them!

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