It began on Sunday morning, not "Where's Waldo?" but where's the "Echo Lady?"

Echo, Oregon has a distinctive sign called the Echo lady. She stands next to the welcome to Echo sign near Thiessen and Main Street.

A little history: The sign dates back decades and was in honor of the person the town was named after. According to the Stanfield Police Department:

"Echo Koontz Miller, who the silhouette represents, is a city icon. Her father plotted out the city of Echo way back in 1880, and named the town after his daughter."

Well, Sunday morning, somebody stole her. But after a couple of days of investigating (small town, not hard to find clues) she turned up. Four juveniles have been implicated in the theft. Perhaps channeling their inner Pasco PD, Stanfield wryly noted Miss Echo was not harmed during her abduction.

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Reserve Officer Sanchez is seen here with Miss Echo before he and Officer Lawrence returned her to her rightful place.

Miss Echo recovered (Stanfield Police)
Miss Echo recovered (Stanfield Police)

Police thanked the anonymous person who called in a tip about her whereabouts, and it helped Officers locate her.


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